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May 17,2023

MaAgenda-May-2023y 17, 2023

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Douglas DeLeo, Supervisor.
Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation: Douglas DeLeo
Roll Call: Ted Swanson, Jill Sanborn, Ron Klein, Douglas DeLeo, Georgette Peterson: Present
Approval of Agenda: Agenda amended to add Candid License Transfer Request; Ambulance and GEI Contract. Motion by Georgette, supported by Ted to approve the agenda with the additions. All in favor. Motion carried.
Law Enforcement – Presented by Deputy Torres. There were 28 complaints in the Township in the past month. Blight report given.
Fire Department – Greg Myrkle gave the report. There were 10 calls in the Township in the past month. There will be a Pancake Breakfast on May 27, 2023 at the Fire Hall. Greg reported the ISO inspector spent 7 ½ hours last month at the Station. Awaiting the new ISO rating.
Ambulance – Steve Lowder gave the report on calls and response times.
Commissioner – Kurt Doroh reported that a new financial person has been hired. There are 5 interviews scheduled for Friday for an administrator. Friend of the Court has moved to the old Kelly Page Law Building.
Clerk – Georgette reported that the Board of Canvassers sent their report on the May 2 election with a comment that said “Good Job” with no corrections or additions needed. She is continuing the education.
Supervisor – Douglas reported that he has been out on Scott Lake roads and others in the Township.
Treasurer – Jill gave her financial report of the General Fund having a beginning balance of $198,071.87; receipts of $114,078.56; expenditures of $100,614.79; with an Ending Balance of $211, 535.64. Restricted funds: Beginning balance of $226,955.34; receipts of $90.03; expenditures of $22,015.87; with an Ending Balance of $204,840.55.
She also reported the conversion to Quick Books On-Line. A motion was made by Ted with support from Ron to pay the bills as outlined in the Treasurer’s report. Roll call vote; all 5 Board members voted yes. Motion carried.
Ron Klein motioned to remove Douglas DeLeo from all Sturgis Bank Arlington Township Accounts; Checking and Saving accounts: General Fund Checking, MBL Checking, Road Tax Fund, and Fire Tax Fund; and to cancel the debit card in Douglas DeLeo’s name. Motion was supported by Ted Swanson. All Board members in favor. Motion carried.
Ted Swanson made a motion to open a debit card in the Clerk, Georgette Peterson’s name. Ron Klein supported. All Board members in favor. Motion carried.
Public Comment on agenda items. None on agenda items.
Approval of April 19, 2023 minutes: Ted Swanson made a motion to correct the minutes to add Deputy Clerk, Wendy Todd, to checking and saving accounts: General Fund Checking, MBL Checking, Road Tax Fund, and Fire Tax Fund. This will also give her authority to sign the checks in the Clerk’s absence. Motion supported by Ron Klein. All Board members in favor. Motion carried.

Georgette Peterson motioned to correct the minutes to state “There were two comments made. Annie Davidson-Funke commented on the website and a second comment was made regarding cemetery. stakes and flags.” Motion supported by Douglas DeLeo. All in favor.
Minutes of the April 19, 2023 were approved with the 2 corrections.
Consent Agenda this item will be removed.
Outdoor wood burning stoves discussion: Resident, Jim Plant, provided information on wood burning and air quality.
Road Gravel: 800 tons @ $10,184.00 for discussion. StoneCo was the low bidder. Douglas made a motion to approve the Stoneco gravel estimate. Ron supported the motion. 4 Board members in favor. 1 opposed. Motion caried.
County Road Projects: Discussion on 48th Avenue, starting at 673, East to the Township line as follows:
• Fog Seal: Motion by Ted Swanson with support from Jill Sanborn to approve fog sealing the road for $9,026. Roll call vote. All in favor. Motion carried.
• Deberming: Motion by Ron Klein with support from Ted Swanson to approve deberming for $7,929. Roll call vote. All in favor. Motion carried.
• Slag Seal Coat: Motion by Georgette Peterson with support from Ron Klein to approve slag seal coat on the road for $44,522.69. Roll call vote: Ted, Jill, Ron and Douglas in favor. Georgette opposed. Motion carried 4-1.
Resolution to Legislators opposing zoning changes for mining.
RESOLUTION OPPOSING HOUSE BILLS 4526-4528 AND OTHER POSSIBLE LEGISLATION RESTRICTING LOCAL CONTROL OVER SNAD AND GRAVEL MINING was adopted by Arlington Township after a motion by Douglas DeLeo; seconded by Jill Sanborn resulting in 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstains.
Outdoor Electric Sign: The resolution of the sign possibilities was explained by Mike VanDuinen, owner of D9N Designs. Nothing will be done about the sign at this time.
Refuse Station Dumpsters: There will be 2 dumpsters in July and 3 in September.
Fish Window Cleaning: Motion by Jill to approve hiring FISH window cleaning per their estimate of $437 for cleaning of all insides and outsides of the windows in the Township Hall Building; support by Ted. Roll call vote All in favor. Motion carried.
Arlington Township Transfer Station Upgrades Grant Application: The Grant Application is being submitted by Kalli Marshall, from the Conservation District. The plan is to have a one day a week drop off site for recyclables. No action needed at this time.
Van Buren County Road Commission Dust Control Policy (Policy # 2021-06). No action needed at this time.
Van Buren County Road Commission request for funding for new well. This request is now dead.
Candid License and Transfer Request: Mr. Paulus, representative for Candid presented the request. Candid would like to restructure their licenses to save them money at the State level. Georgette made a motion, supported by Ted to deny the request to transfer the licenses, due to the request including wanting 2 new licenses, as the Township Ordinance states we have zero licenses available. All in favor. Motion to deny the request passed.
• Purple Valley: The Attorney representing Purple Valley, Christine Constantino, attended by telephone. She presented their appeal case for the refusal to renew Purple Valley’s Sup and licenses. Jill Sanborn motioned to affirm the December 14,2022 decision to deny renewal of the Special Use Permit and Licenses. Motion supported by Georgette Peterson. Discussion included violations that were presented at that time. All in favor. Motion carried.
• Ambulance: Steve Lowder explained that Pride Care was sold and there have been talks with VBEMS, owned by Bronson Hospital, and headquartered in Paw Paw. No action required at this time.
• GEI Contract: Ron Klein explained that this is for the property on 48th Avenue and the contract calls for using heavy control structures. He noted that the property is eroding and putting silt into the river as it eventually flows into it. Ron made a motion to approve the GEI contract, Ted supported. Roll call vote. All Board members in agreement. Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENT: Ron noted the USDA and Conservation Services are having two events. The firs one, on June 14, 2023, will be a Rotation Grazing Seminar at Windshadow Farms, 24681 CR 681, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. A light breakfast will be served at 8:30 AM. Please register at or call 269-657-4030 x5. The second event will be in August at Stocchiero’s Farm.
Ron motioned to adjourn, supported by Jill. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Georgette Peterson,